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I. General Conditions

1. The masterclass will take place from 11th to 16th of August 2024 in the Academy of Malmedy, Belgium.

2. The masterclass is open to pianists, violinists, violists and cellists regardless of age, level or nationality.

3. Deadline for registration: 31st of May, 2024.

II. Schedule


11/08-16/08: 4 individual lessons (4x45') / 4 chamber music lessons (4x60') / 6 orchestra lessons (6x120') / Extra rehearsals with the piano

12/08: Masters Concert 

14/08: Solo & Chamber music Concert

15/08: Solo & Chamber music Concert

16/08: Gala Concert

III. Lessons

5. Participants can choose one or more teachers they wish to work with.

6. If there are no more places for a certain teacher, the administration reserves the right to redirect a participant to another teacher.

7. Changing teachers is only possible after approval by the administration of the masterclass.

IV. Fees


- 600 euros for the masterclass

- 245 euros for hostel for the participants with accommodation requirement.

9. All the costs related to money transfer must be paid by the participant.

V. Registration

10. Registration is validated after the payment of the total amount of fees for the requested services is made and the registration form is duly completed. The deadline is 31st of May, 2024. After this date, registration will not be guaranteed.

11. If a participant cancels his/her participation in the masterclass before 10th of June, 2024 at noon, 75% of the total amount of paid fees will be refunded. If cancelled before 20th of June, 2024 at noon, 50% of the total amount of paid fees will be refunded. After this period, no paid fees will be refunded. Cancellation requests should be sent by email to the following address: All other cancellation requests will not be taken into consideration.

12. The organizers and administration will in no way be responsible for the absence of a teacher, whatever the cause. However, they will take responsibility to provide an equivalent replacement.

13. In the event of cancellation of the masterclass, full reimbursement of the fees will be made.

VI. Hostel

14. Students with accommodation requirement will stay in the Malmedy Youth Hostel. Each room accommodates 3-4 people and has its own toilet and bathroom.

15. Students who choose to live in the Malmedy Youth Hostel need to arrive at the youth hostel by 21:00 on the 10th of August, 2024 for the check-in.

Address of the Malmedy Youth hostel: Rte d'Eupen 36, 4960 Malmedy

16. On the 10th of August, 2024 between 18:00 and 21:00 the organizers will provide a car transfer from Malmedy Train Station to the Hostel. Participants who whish to be transferred to the youth hostel must inform the administration in advance.

17. During the masterclass week, the organizers will provide a shuttle bus 2-3 times per hour, ensuring that students can easily travel from the youth hostel to the academy and back.

18. Students who do not have accommodation needs must arrive at Malmedy Academy by 8:30 am on the 11th of August, 2024.

Address of the Malmedy Academy: Rle des Capucins 2, 4960 Malmedy

19. By registering to this masterclass, participants automatically accept all the rules and conditions of the Kreutzer International Masterclass.

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