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Khosbayar Amarsaikhan

Mongolia, 2010

Khosbayar Amarsaikhan was born on 10 February 2010 (11 years old) Khosbayar Amarsaikhan has been successfully studying in the violin class under the supervision of violin teacher S.Munkhmandakh at the School of Classical Music of State Conservatory of Mongolia for 5 years since 2017.

Success and achievements made in international competitions: Khosbayar Amarsaikhan participated in the following international contests and competitions and won 2nd, 3rd and 4th places.

1. “Naidal-2018” international music contest held in the Republic of Buryatia, Russian Federation in 2018 2. “Talent-2019” organized by the State Conservatory of Mongolia in 2019 3. “Kocian competition-2019” held in the Czech Republic in 2019 4. “Cresendo competition-2020” international music competition organized in New York, USA in 2020 5. International Piano and Violin Performance Contest virtual competition held in Romania in 2021.

Khosbayar Amarsaikhan
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