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Trio TSV


The TSV violin trio was established in April 2021. Guided by the same pursuit and love for classical music, three young players from the paradise city of Hangzhou, China, Yang Shuran, Zhuang Leyan and Wang Linxi, whose average age is only 13, have come together and are currently studying with Wen Huiming from Zhejiang Conservatory of Music.

Within a few months of TSV’s establishment, they successively participated in the Hummingbird Music Awards (CYMC) and the Italian International Music Open, wining the first prize in the former (Jiangsu Division) and a Gold Medal in the latter (Tianjin Division).

Young as they are, they understand and pursue music in their own unique. They are eager to further feel and perceive, through study and inheritance, the very charm of classical music.

Trio TSV
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