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Yichen Ran

China, 2008

Ran Yichen, born in July 2008, began to learn violin at the age of 5 and studied under Professor Zhong Yi of Xi'an Conservatory of Music since 2018.

In 2019, she won the first prize of string music of primary school group in the 17th "Chun Ya Cup" Art Exhibition for primary and secondary school students in Shaanxi Province.

In 2020, she will be admitted to the secondary school affiliated to Xi'an Conservatory of music.

In October 2020, she won the third prize of violin group in the 7th Shaanxi "Music Awards" Instrumental Music competition.

In December 2020, she won the first prize of violin free choice group B and children's group A in the 2021 International string open competition in Xi'an.

In May 2021, she won the first prize of group D of Shaanxi division of China Youth Music Competition▪Hummingbird Music Award.

Yichen Ran
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