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Kyungseo Park

Korea, 2002

-was born in Korea in 2002

-started learning the violin at the age of 8.

-In 2013 he moved to Vienna, Austria, in order to intensify his musical education.

-At the age of 11, he has been attending Professor Sorokov’s class for highly gifted young musicians at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna and has been attending college preparatory course since age 15

-has participated in various masterclasses in Croatia, Austira, Germany, Southkorea, Liechtenstein, Bulgaria, slovenia

-has had many concerts of which one was played in the Musikverein Wien


-special price "Esta Österreich Etüden-Turnier 2016"

-in 2017 he receives a scholarship from the International Academy of Music in Liechtenstein

-1st price "International music competition Grand Price Virtuoso 2017"

-1st price & special price "Prima la Musica landeswettbewerb 2018 ", 2nd price "Prima la Musica Bundeswettbewerb 2018"

-1st price "International Forum Musical Performance and Pedagogy 2018"

Kyungseo Park
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